Monday, October 5, 2015

Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum - the music

Maya O Maya

  • Catchy number that hooks on the moment it starts , thanks to the thumping beats and the familiar whistling which lead into the Pallavi through the pleasant piano filler.
  • Chorus catch line has a good zing to it and sets up an nice little finale to the pallavi.
  • The trumpet portions evoke deja vu of hello hello from joota hi sahi ( the fact that the latter had Karthik crooning might have been the catalyst )
  • The transition to a gentler and more melodic anupallavi aided by  karthik's soft vocals is a delight.
  • The mild manner in which the tune reaches an off note in the unnodu pesamal line gives it a distinct feel
  •  Oru velai aval maruthal line was a perfect blend of mood that the lyrics and tune try to convey.
  • For all the pep and pleasantness its interludes could have had more depth and flavor.
  • Catchy and pleasant , although familiar.

  • Trance elements and riffs in the kalakku kalakku catch line backed by celestial synth sounds set up a unusual mood for what seems like one of those million songs about girls and booze (a subject usually  conveyed  Only with kuthu music).
  • Gains a fair share of momentum from the resonating techno beats  that are improvised well in the end  .
  • Not a lot to savor tune wise , something that's restricted to a few lines, only to be spiced up by variations in background music .
  • Simple tune colored with some interesting instrumentation and unusual mood.


  • The abrupt ending lines at the start sound Harris-like but the song gets past it with the super catchy Vellai lines. 
  • The soft beats , crisp guitars and quick changing chord progressions add more sweetness to the song that already pleases with its Hamsadhwani-ish scale. 
  • Turning off the chords at the start of the first stanza and bringing them back in the middle enhances the impact. 
  • The vocal loops ending in the same word (here its Vellai)is not uncommon in tamil film songs - New title song, No problem (Love Birds) to name a couple. And the tool works well here too.
  • Easy on the ears.  
Genuinely peppy , pleasant and unassuming. Karthik keeps it simple ,short without over experimenting at the same time not dumbing it down for the "crowd".

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